Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Wheelset 2018 – Black


Reinvented to be lighter more dynamic and with improved aerodynamics

The best value carbon aero Wheel-Tire System reinvented to be lighter and more dynamic  Sprint faster and slice through wind easier 45mm deep NACA profile produces low drag in varying conditions 25mm external rim width is optimized for 25mm tire for low drag and predictable crosswind steering Patented elliptical spokes further enhance aerodynamics Climb and accelerate quicker17mm internal rim width and 25mm tires offers low rolling resistance and a smoother ride Instant Drive 360 freewheel gives you a fast and smooth ride Wheelset weighs only 1650g Sharp handling precision cornering 12K carbon rim flanges boost stiffness for sharp handling and pedaling efficiency  RimsMaterial: Maxtal and 12K carbon fiberHeight: 45 mmJoint: SUPDrilling: traditionalBrake track: UB ControlWeight reduction: ISMValve hole diameter: 6.5 mmTyre: clincherInternal width: 17 mmETRTO size: 622x17CSpokesMaterial: steelShape: straight pull aero double buttedNipples: aluminum ABSCount: front 16 rear 20Lacing: front radial rear IsopulseHubsFront and rear bodies: aluminumAxle material: aluminumFront bearings : adjustable sealed cartridge bearings QRM+ Rear bearings : auto adjust sealed cartridge bearings QRM AutoFreewheel: Instant Drive 360TyreYksion Pro GripLink front and PowerLink rearFront and Rear Tread: Single CompoundCasing: 127 TPIBreaker: Front Kevlar Rear polyamideDimension: 25-622 700x25cVersionsColor: Black onlyCompatibilityFreewheel: Shimano/Sram convertible to Campagnolo and XD-R with optional driver bodiesFront axle: Quick Release onlyRear axle: Quick Release onlyDelivered withBR301 quick releasesRim tapeMultifonction adjustment wrenchUser guideIntended useASTM CATEGORY 1 : road onlyFor a longer longevity of the wheel Mavic recommends that the total weight supported by the wheels don't exceed 120kg bike includedRecommended tyre sizes: 25 to 32 mmMax.

Pressure: 23mm 8.7 bars – 125 psi 25/28mm 7.7 bars – 110 psiFiltersbrake type: alloybrake type: rimfield: rollingrim profile: mediumrim: carbontubeless: notyre type: clincherweight: 1601g to 1700gLightnessISMMaxtalEfficiency and rigidityInstant Drive 360GripLinkPowerLinkQRM+QRM AutoSafety and reliabilitySUPUB Control The Cosmic Pro Carbon was originally used primarily for fast flat races but incremental improvements have given it the versatility it was once missing.

At only 1650g with a 45mm deep rim this wheel system now offers the perfect balance of light weight and aero efficiency.

The new 25mm wide rim shape is NACA compliant for low drag and excellent crosswind stability.

It’s an innovative hybrid of alloy and carbon using the best qualities of both materials.

The alloy rim core is ISM Inter Spoke Milling machined to remove excess material between each spoke which minimizes weight.

The carbon rim flanges improve aerodynamics by increasing the rim depth and lowering drag.

This is much more than a fairing—it’s a structural part of the wheel that adds the lateral and frontal stiffness that racers crave.

The rims are laced with our patented aerodynamic spokes saving another few watts.

And the hubs sport the fast-engagement Instant Drive 360 freewheel system that runs on super smooth bearings.

It’s also easily convertible from Shimano/SRAM to Campagnolo cassettes.

The Cosmic Pro Carbon comes with 25mm Yksion Pro tires for improved rolling efficiency and comfort.

The front GripLink tire features a supple 127 TPI casing reinforced by a strong Kevlar anti-puncture belt.

The tread pattern is optimized for cornering even on wet roads.

The rear Powerlink tire also has a supple 127 TPI casing and a light nylon anti-puncture belt along with a specific tread pattern for super low rolling resistance.

The wheels come with white or grey decals but can also be ordered using our customized decals service.  Weight Front   735Weight Pair   1650Weight Rear   915Weight Tyre 700×25   210

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